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Project/Program Management

Storti is the trusted provider for utilities who are seeking to fill critical roles on Operational, Engineering, GIS, or Project Management Office (PMO) teams within their organization. With our Project/Program Management Consulting Services, you’ll get experienced and knowledgeable resources perfectly tailored to your organization’s needs. 


Our industry-leading credentials and unrivaled support for utility clients across multiple sectors including Natural Gas, LNG/RNG/CNG/LPG, Electricity, Green Energy, and Water demonstrates our commitment to our client’s success. For unmatched technical excellence and seamless integration within your team, we are the dependable partner you need to keep your utility operating at the highest level. Trust us to be your dependable partner, providing top-notch support every step of the way. 

Distribution & Transmission

  • Construction Management support

  • Project Management support

  • Contract Management

Analysis Studies

  • GAP

  • SWOT

  • Process

  • Operations Audit

Strategic Planning

  • Corporate/Division/

  • Compliance

  • Forecasting

Process Improvement

  • Operations

  • Back-office

  • QMS

Technical Support

  • GIS

  • O&M/Emergency/etc. Manuals

  • Compliance Calendars

  • Regulatory Response

Organizational Structuring

  • Corporate

  • Division

  • Local

  • Department

PMO/PSO Establishment

  • Current/Future Needs Assessment

  • Development of Positions & Job Descriptions

  • Process Controls & Analysis

  • Control Documentation Development

Business Operations Management

  • Program Management

  • Coordination

  • Administration

  • Analysis

  • Budgeting/Forecasting

  • Procurement

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