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Electrical Inspection

Storti provides experienced inspectors to ensure client specifications and standards are followed. 

Our inspectors provide high-quality photos with detailed descriptions of any deviations identified during inspections. These deviation reports allow utilities to address contractors making continuous errors while also identifying outdated or misinterpreted standards. Storti assists utilities in guaranteeing their electric distribution projects are completed to the highest level of quality to maintain system reliability. 


Underground (UG)

Storti performs post-construction inspections in manholes. These inspections include inspecting items such as: 

  • Cable rack 

  • Buss or line holes 

  • Proper labeling 

  • Condition of equipment in manhole 


We also performs inspections on work as it is happening for splices in manholes for the following: 

  • UG Splice

    • Elbows Slip on joints

    • Straight Joints

    • Separable joints

    • Branch joints

    • Heat shrink branch 

  • UG Separable connectors

    • Elbows

    • Separable Joints

    • S busses and H busses 

Overhead (OH)  

  • Double 3-phase riser poles 

  • Reclosers 

  • Regulator platform banks 

  • Switches 

  • Disconnects 

  • Transformer banks 

  • Arresters 

  • Capacitors 

  • Conductors 

  • Insulators 

  • Wildlife Protection 

  • Ground Wire/Rod Guys 


Underground Residential Distribution (URD) 

Storti performs post-construction inspections on URD equipment such as pad mount transformers and switching cabinets. We perform inspections on work as it is happening for the following: 

  • UG separable connectors

    • Elbows

    • Secondary moles

    • Separable joints

    • S busses and H busses 

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