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Leak Detection

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Inefficient, redundant and inaccurate records regarding leak investigations, survey activity and repairs due in part to the inability to update from the field

  • Lack of visibility into pipeline evaluation, pressure rating procedures and investigative activity related to leakage in a real-time environment

  • Need for accurate data weighted by appropriate criteria in regard to specific at-risk pipeline segments for use in prioritizing infrastructure maintenance activities

  • Need to manage compliance activities and records in respect to DOT  191, 192 and 195.

Here's how we can help

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Storti leverages the latest technologies in its leak detection services.  In addition to providing leak detection at tremendous precision, our comprehensive leak survey solution is a streamlined spatial based workflow that allows utilities to make data driven decisions in addition to maintaining compliance more efficiently and accurately.

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Operators must proactively detect, collect and report leaks efficiently before resources are wasted or physical and environmental damage occurs. Our technicians utilize GIS-centric software that can assign and track survey activities, collect and submit leak survey data instantaneously, and generate leak survey results and status reports in real time.

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The integration of crucial GIS data and system information allows for comparative analysis and timely updated pipeline risk assessments. This integration results in a more detailed GIS-driven analysis that supports actions in an integrity management programs and capital planning initiatives in addition to providing visibility and transparency into pipeline risk and planning.

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