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Gas Technician Services

Storti Quality Services is the trusted industry leader for comprehensive gas technician services. Our highly skilled team of technicians is fully equipped to handle all of your gas-related maintenance and repair needs. We prioritize quality and safety by following efficient processes and proven workflows. We also utilize the latest mobile technology for real-time field data collection and reporting, allowing our customers to make informed decisions. 

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Mechanical Repair and Leak Response 

We offer comprehensive solutions for gas inside service line inspection programs, gas leak emergency response, and repair services. Our experienced team takes care of all aspects, including labor, supervision, materials, tools, and equipment. Our services encompass shutting off service at the head of service valve, making repairs on jurisdictional pipe (pre-meter outlet), conducting integrity tests on house piping, and relighting service along with all appliances. In case subsequent integrity tests fail, we provide follow-up repairs and may issue warning tags as necessary.  

Meter Change Outs  

Storti Quality has the necessary resources available to support your meter change out needs, including supervisory staff, office support, field labor, equipment, tools, supplies, and transportation. Our services include atmospheric corrosion inspections, leak inspections, and vent inspections facilitated by state-of-the-art leak detection instrumentation. 

To ensure a seamless customer experience, our dispatch and call centers work closely with field operations, providing appointment scheduling services that optimize the efficiency of field work. Our operator qualified technicians specialize in meter age and sampling changes, which entail the installation or replacement of natural gas meters, regulators, meter fits, and related equipment. 

We leverage handheld mobile devices to streamline documentation processes, allowing for the completion of all necessary paperwork, field documentation, and as-built drawings.  

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Meter Painting  

Storti Quality offers meter painting services as an add-on to our other gas technician services for atmospheric corrosion inspection, automated meter reading, and field credit collection. Our operator-qualified field technicians remove loose rust by brushing with a steel brush and applying approved rust inhibiting paint to meters and their piping. 

AMR/AMI Meter Services 

We offer AMR and AMI equipment maintenance services through our team of operator qualified technicians for a range of maintenance tasks, including maintaining or replacing endpoints, meters, gaskets, screws, indexes, and other related equipment as required by the dispatched work order and field conditions. 

As part of our comprehensive services, our technicians also conduct thorough investigations of inside endpoints and non-registering meters within the operational area. These investigations involve checking for non-response, abnormal gas consumption, incorrect endpoint identification numbers, and mis-programmed endpoints. If any issues are detected, our technicians can make the necessary changes to the endpoint, index, and/or meter. 

Field Credit Collection 

Storti Quality can provide services to support credit disconnects, locks, reconnects, and field outreach visits. Our dedicated team, led by experienced project managers, operates our dispatch and call center to ensure a respectful and positive customer experience. We understand the importance of flexibility, so we offer shifted schedules to maximize success rates for customer contact attempts.  

Our services include shutting off gas meters, installing locks on delinquent accounts, and collecting payments from customers. Work orders for credit disconnects and locks are seamlessly dispatched from our client's work order system to our dedicated work queue. Our operator-qualified field technicians personally contact customers to inform them about gas service disconnection and meter locking. 

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