Storti specializes in helping utility and utility contractors nationwide establish and meet high standards through customized inspection services.

We deliver

  • Electric and Gas Field Inspections
  • As-built sketching to verify and document existing infrastructure
  • Certified Welding Inspections

Our clients can fully rely on Storti Inspection Services to ensure circuit and pipeline integrity, site safety, and compliance with established standards and procedures. We:


  • Progress photos (as requested)
  • Daily inspection reports


  • Required permits
  • Work order package
  • Correct material lists 

Maintain accurate communication between all parties, including

  • Attending daily meetings
  • Notifying client of any utility, contractor or regulatory visits
  • Notifying pertinent parties of circuit faults, gas leaks, property damage, or deviations from OSHA or other regulatory standards.
  • Stopping work, with client authorization when circuit or pipeline may be compromised
  • Documenting and resolving all issues, ensuring site safety is compliant with regulations
  • Completing paperwork by the end of each shift 

Upon project completion, Storti provides

  • All field inspection reports
  • Documented compliance with company specifications
  • Performance validation
  • Functional operation confirmation
  • Submission of all paperwork within five business days of inspection completion

“As an element to an existing contract with the local utility company, our Company was instructed to create a Quality (QA/QC) Plan which we did not have in place at that time. I chose Storti Consulting because they were highly recommended by other companies in the industry.”

James Brun

Blair Park Services, LLC.