Attaining Perfection – we understand the value of delivering the highest levels of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Our clients trust our Audits. Through continuous review and refining, we ensure that your quality management system meets regulatory requirements at every level.

We begin by laying a stable foundation at our pre-audit meeting with the management team, where we:

  • Establish expectations.
  • Create a plan – outlining the audit process.
  • Establish an audit schedule, projecting dates, times, and events.
  • Review specific processes, as well as applicable procedure and process documents.

Communication continues via an audit entrance meeting with management team members, where we:

  • Review processes and procedures with experts.
  • Prepare audit checklists to determine compliance in every area.

Interviews are conducted with designated subject matter experts, where we:

  • Assess compliance against existing procedures.
  • Review documents to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Audit process is completed with an on-site wrap-up meeting, where

  • Audit notes and documents are reviewed.
  • The audit report is drafted, including corrective actions and non-conformance findings.

Storti closes the audit process with a final management review meeting, including delivery of final audit, corrective action, and non-conformance reports.

“Crall products contacted Storti Quality Consulting for initial program building and certification of the very ridgid process for API Q1 compliance and API monogram system. Storti Quality Consulting has been the most thorough and competent consultant Crall Products Co. has ever used.”

Chil Wilson

VP, Crall Products Co.