Is the number of units produced each day starting to drop off? Is your available inventory coming up short? Do priorities change? You are not alone. What could be dismissed previously as an isolated case may now attributed to growing pains. If you don’t address this now, you could lose some of your valued customers.

You want to work around the problems. Your employees say you don’t understand. You blame the customer; the employees blame you. Is there a problem? How do you identify the underlying problems, and fix them? A production schedule provides the standard work control process; which will effectively and efficiently schedule work, assign resources and support activities.

It applies to the scheduling and execution of all work, and any critical support activities that are part of the overall operations of a company. You will first need to create and enter all work requests into a Customer Order Database Log. Next identify and set up a work management committee to include, at a minimum, the Vice President, Operations or Production Supervisor, Purchasing Manager, Sales Consultant, and Scheduler.

The Scheduler will prepare a weekly schedule of daily activities, and submit it to all members of the Work Management Committee for review. The committee shall meet at the end of every day to review the schedule for the next day. Completed work will then be entered into the Customer Order Database Log, and removed from the schedule. Emergent jobs may not appear on the schedule, and may be worked ahead of scheduled jobs, when approved in writing by the Vice President, or his designee.

Do you have a documented work control process? If you do not have the time, consider utilizing an audit consultant to assist your team, or perform this for you, so that you can focus on what’s most important to you – your customers.

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